Dispensing solder paste onto one board is easy enough with a syringe or toothpick, but when pasting up even a handful of boards. Solder paste stencils speed up the process when you’re doing dozens or hundreds of boards. The solution for this is to retrofit a 3D printer to dispense solder paste.

This Solder Paste dispenser is an easy project to build and it makes sense especially when you have most of the parts on hand. This project includes hardware and firmware design of a compatible controller board that is Arduino compatible. The printed is a success with the use of both PLA and ABS and standard slicing parameters with 3 layer shells and 20% infill. Its controller board has a micro USB connector and operates from a standard USB charger. The PCB attached to the motor mount using a Scotch Exterior Mounting Tape.

It might not be quite as accurate as a professional one, but as you can see it seems to work great for purposes.