Probably everyone has a long list of passwords to remember. But are they safe from other and from forgetting them? Some people are using same password for all cases…well this is not safe. And of course using popular words as passwords also isn’t safe. It is better to use characters mixed with numbers. But these are hard to remember.

This project was built to fit and placed inside a mint tin, which makes it easy to carry around. Assembling this small project maybe pricey as you will need components such as Intel Edison, base board, OLED block , Battery block, Hardware pack , small LiPo battery, mint tin and micro USB cable. Assembling the project was so simple; the Edison which is already set-up and prepared will be attach to the battery block. Getting the program should be easy for you after completing all the steps before. Simply download the latest release from the PinTinNano repository.

You can now enjoy your very own password keeper after starting the program.