Have you ever wanted to create your own electronic games console? You might be interested in the new DigiPixel Arduino LED game shield which is definitely worth more investigation.

Make programming fun by creating your own games, animations and more with the DigiPixel shield. The DigiPixel Arduino LED game shield has been specifically designed to allow you to make programming fun and enable you to creating your own games, animations and more. It is an open source Arduino and Digispark compatible shield with a 64 pixel RGB LED display and six buttons that is supplied with its own Arduino library, graphic converter and demo sketches to help you get you started.

You can make sort of things with DigiPixel up to your imagination. You could make a game of Space Invaders, Tetris or Snake, could write messages in the air and capture it on your camera with the AirWrite function or you could use it as an electronic dice, a scrolling desk clock or even a digital name badge. It’s amazing what you can do with just 64 pixels!