Who wouldn’t want a Time Circuit Clock after watching Back To The Future as a child? Now you can time travel by using the “spacebar” either on the keypad, or time circuits, depending what your time circuits’ options is set and translate your own language file for the time circuits.

This projects attempts to recreate a Time Circuit Clock from Back to The Future movie with some additional features such as FM radio, alarm and clock.  This clock has components of 22-23 PCB handmade board, 160 resistors, 396 LED displays with pins to connect and 24 shift registers.  He replaced the main Arduino compatible board with an Olimex iMX233-OLinuXino-MICRO running a plain Linux distro as the new brain of this project. All schematics and PCB designs are made in KiCad which seems quite powerful, however its component library is really poor compared to Eagle.

Now that everything was given out as far as assembling and designing this alarm clock, there’s no more excuse to build one.